Ultra-Light Hobym CRUX 140 Traveler Harmonic Drive German Equatorial Mount With Titan TCS GoTo System

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The Crux140 Traveler is an ultra-lightweight, portable equatorial mount with a
highly advanced reducer system, the harmonic gear system.

Despite its small size and lightweight of only 3kg, the Crux140 Traveler showcases outstandingly precise processing and quick response time for full-fledged astronomical observation and astrophotography.

The Crux140 Traveler is smallest harmonic gear equatorial mount produced at Hobym Observatory. A great deal of work has been dedicated to its development. Designed and built for the consumers, the Crux140 Traveler is a highly portable device for astrophotography expeditions and ensures the highest efficiency and ease of use.

Hobym Observatory has succeeded in mass production of the world's first miniaturized harmonic gear equatorial mount, setting new industry standards and
continuing to launch competitive products through continuous research and development as an industry leader. The Crux140 Traveler is the perfect companion to your astronomical activities.


  • The mount weighs only 3kg (6.6 lb)
  • Extremely portable, designed to travel easily as carry on luggage or in a pack
  • Zero backlash thanks to the harmonic drive gears
  • Built-in time-lapse functionality and camera control for easy, streamlined imaging sessions
  • Maximum payload without counterweight: 8 kg (17.5 lb)
  • Maximum payload with counterweight: 15 kg (33 lb)
  • The included TiTan Control System (TCS) makes control an intuitive breeze

Note: An ADM Dual-M8 or ADM M8 D-Series saddle is required for the mount based on your preference.

For much more detail on the mount and TCS controller, please refer to the Crux140 Traveler User Manual

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