ZWO New EOS-T2 Adapter Suitable for All Non-M54 ASI Cameras - ZWO-EOS-T2-II


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The new ZWO-EOS-T2-Ⅱ adapter has two parts (EOS-T2 adapter and 5mm length T2-extender), suitable for all ASI cameras

This new type is unadjustable.

The EOS-T2 supports Canon EF lenses only.

The EOS-T2 adapter without T2-extender is suitable for 17.5mm backfocus distance ASI cameras. These include all ASI Pro cooled cameras and ASI174, ASI294, ASI183, ASI1600, ASI533 and ASI2600, except the ASI6200


The EOS-T2 adapter with the 5mm T2-extender is suitable for all 12.5mm backfocus ASI cameras such as the ASI120, ASI224, ASI290, ASI178 and ASI385.

You can use a 2″ IR-CUT filter with the adapter.



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