ZWO ASI662MC 2.07MP USB 3.0 Colour Camera - ASI662MC

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EN--ASI662M-C_01EN--ASI662M-C_02EN-ASI662M-C_031EN--ASI662M-C_04 EN--ASI662M-C_05EN--ASI662M-C_06EN--ASI662M-C_07EN--ASI662M-C_08EN--ASI662M-C_09EN--ASI662M-C_10EN--ASI662M-C_11EN--ASI662M-C_12EN--ASI662M-C_13EN--ASI662M-C_14


Sensor: 1 / 2.8″ CMOS Sony-IMX662AAQR-C
Bayer Pattern: R Gr Gb B
QE peak:91%
Back focus length: 12.5mm
Max fps: 107.6fps
Full well: 37.8Ke
Shutter: Rolling shutter
Resolution: 2.07Mega Pixel,1920*1080
Pixel Size: 2.9µm
Exposure Range: 32μs~2000s
Interface: USB 3.0 /USB 2.0 Type-B
Protect window: φ21-1.1 IR
ADC: 12bit
Dimension: 5.568mm*3.132mm
Weight: 126g
Working Temperature: -5℃~50℃
Storage Temperature: -10℃~60℃
Working Relative Humidity: 0-80%
Supported OS: WIN7/8/10 32&64、Linux、Mac

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