ZWO ASI174MM Mini USB 2.0 Mono Guide Camera - ASI174MINI


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ZWO's best guide camera.  The ASI174 Mini cameras integrate the Sony IMX174LLJ and IMX174LQJ 1/1.2″ sensors (11.3 mm x 7.1 mm). This camera has a 1936 x 1216 resolution (about 2.25 megapixels). The pixel size is 5.86 um x 5.86 um.  This camera provides a 12bit ADC and it's QE peak is 77%.

Astrophotography Performance

The ASI174Mini camera offers you very good performance for planetary imaging and guiding. Low read noise, high dynamic range, QE peak 77%, AR protective window and much more.

174 Gain RN DR FW vs gainHigh QE

Absolute QE Curve, the Peak Value is about 77%.



174Mini vs. 174MM Cameras

Compared with the ASI174MM camera, the 174Mini has smaller form factor, lighter weight, and it can be easily adjusted to be parafocal with eyepieces or other equipment.


USB 2.0C Port & ST4 Port

USB 2.0 Port: The Mini cameras have one USB 2.0 type C port. Never worry about which way up the cable goes again!

ST4 Port: Connect your mini camera to your mount's auto guide port


Connection Drawing企业微信截图_15349961443718

  1. M28.5-CS adapter
  2. CS-C adapter
  3. 1.25″ extender
  4. 1.25″ filter

Mechanical Drawing

What's in the box?

ASI mini camera box includes all necessary cables, adapters, and manual to start using your camera

174 290mini配件图

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