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ZWO 1.25" LRGB 4 Piece Filter Set - ZWO-LRGB1.25

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LRGB filters optimized for high precision astrophotography and correct colors for all types of objects.


  • Schott substrate material
  • 1.1mm Thickness 
  • Fine-optically polished to ensure accurate 1/4 wavefront
  • 90% transmission at bandpass
  • Infrared wavelength 700-1100nm cut-off
  • Precision off-band blocking
  • Multi-layers anti-reflection coating 

Transmission curve


Questions & Answers

  • Hey! I was just wondering if each filter including the Luminance filter have UV cut off. It says there is infrared cutoff 700-1100 but wondering if a UV filter would still be recommended. Thanks Steve!

    For this filter set there's transmission from about 380nm to 700nm, wavelengths higher and lower than this are not transmitted, so there is a cut off in effect at 380nm for UV. The ZWO IR/UV cut filter cuts of IR at about the same place, with UV being cut a little tighter at 400nm.  I'd say get the UV/IR cut filter if you feel the difference between 380nm and 400nm will affect you, but we would say don't worry about it.  Here's a good article on UV light and astrophotography: