Svbony SV183 IR Pass 685nm Filter - W9142

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Size: 1.25"
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The Svbony SV183 IR Pass 685nm filter blocks wavelengths below 670nm to enhance contrast and surface detail and reduce the effects of seeing when used in IR-LRGB imaging of the moon and planets.

Reduction of seeing effects, heightened contrast: The IR Pass filter can be a great asset for daylight IR-imaging with a digital camera lessening seeing effects and improving contrast when utilized for lunar and planetary imaging.

The IR Pass 685nm Filter is made with high-end glass that has been multi-coated with an ion-assisted deposition technology to ensure scratch resistance and stability on the central wavelength.

The filter cell is made of lightweight, strong metal and is CNC machined, sand-blasted, black anodized, and then laser engraved. The result is a super thin filter cell that will produce a clear aperture of 26mm or 44mm.

The Filter can darken the twilight sky background, allowing mages of the moon and planets to be taken at dawn or dusk.

In addition to astronomical uses, the IR-Pass filter can be used for nature photography in the Near-IR, revealing stunning differences in plants, sky, and clouds (requires the use of a camera that is sensitive to IR above 670nm, such as a modified DSLR or webcam).

The filters are presented in a high-quality filter box.

 Note: These filters are not designed for visual use.

Svbony SV183 .jpgSV183 IR Pass 685nm filter.jpgIR Pass 685nm filter.jpgIR Pass filter.jpgW9142 IR Pass 685nm filter.jpgW9142  filter.jpgsv183 IR Pass 685nm filter.jpgIR Pass.jpg685nm filter.jpg


Model  W9142A W9142B
Size 1.25-Inch 2-Inch
Thread M28.5*0.6 M48*0.75
Clear Aperture 26mm 44mm
Net Weight 8g / 0.3oz /0.02lb 15g / 0.53oz /0.03lb
Lens Material SCHOTT B260
Frame Material Aviation Aluminum 6061T6
Substrate Thickness 1.1mm
Surface Quality 60/40
Surface parallelism 1/4 λ
Parallelism 30"
Single Thread YES
Blocking OD2@400-660nm
Wavelength Range 350-1100nm
λ cut-on 670nm
Peak transmittance 670nm@T=50% 673-1100nm@T>95%

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