Svbony Aluminum Alloy Bahtinov Focusing Masks - W2381

SvbonySKU: W2381AD

Tube Outer Diameter: 65-100mm
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Aluminum Bahtinov Focusing Mask perfect focusing for your CCD, DSLR or Webcam in seconds. Light weight so you wont upset the balance on your scope.

The Bahtinov focusing masks are made of aluminum alloy and are made with anodized aluminum

Bathinov focusing mask.jpg

Bathinov focusing mask.jpg

Svbony Bathinov mask.jpgSvbony focusing mask.jpg

Svbony Bathinov focusing mask.jpg

Svbony Bathinov Focusing mask.jpg


Model W2381AA W2381AB W2381AC W2381AD W2381AE
Material Aluminum alloy
Thickness 1mm
Suitable for telescope diameter 85-120mm 105-150mm 150-200mm 65-100mm 175-220mm

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