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Much like the original Vespera, the Vespera Pro Smart Telescope from Vaonis is the perfect combination of telescope and camera. This compact smart telescope uses a larger sensor than its predecessor, as well as comes with a new field corrector, a built-in dew heater, and a longer battery life, ultimately enhancing this telescope's capabilities and offering one of the best resolutions on the market! The Vaonis Vespera Pro is designed with a unique apochromatic quadruplet 50 mm refracting lens, formed by two groups of two lenses made of lanthanum glass. With the new 250mm focal length, f/5 focal ratio, and 1.6-deg x 1.6-deg field of view, you'll have crisp views of your favorite objects delivered directly to your mobile device!

No matter where you are, the Vespera Pro smart telescope will transport you through the cosmos. You will be able to take ultra-HD images using the Sony sensor and Quadruplet APO refractor design. Vaonis has equipped this Pro smart telescope with auto-initialization, auto-alignment, auto-tracking, and auto-focusing with its Star Field Recognition technology. Let the Vespera Pro Smart telescope take you on a journey through the night sky with its ability to take highly detailed images! In addition to the upgrades mentioned above, this Vespera Pro smart telescope comes with a pre-installed hygrometer sensor that activates the anti-fog system once a certain temperature and humidity threshold is reached. You can also modify the color of the Vespera Pro's button to red in order to reduce the impact of light on your surroundings! Also included in the Vespera Pro smart telescope package are a built-in bubble level, a USB-C connector, and a lens cover.


Upgrade Your Vespera Smart Telescope Experience

Voanis has incorporated several exciting features into the Vespera Pro telescope, having built on the incredible performance of the original Vespera while enhancing its capabilities and making it one of the premier smart telescopes on the market! Just some of these features include an upgraded sensor, a new field corrector, and the original ability to take crisp, clear images and share those discoveries, as well as the ability to have a completely self-contained smart telescope that doesn't need any additional accessories. This means you can spend more time observing and exploring! Learn more about the Vespera Pro features below!


Improved Sensor and Higher Resolution
The Vespera Pro Smart Telescope comes with an upgraded sensor and higher resolution when compared to the original Vespera telescope. The Vespera Pro integrates the next-generation Starvis 2 Sony Sensor, the IMX676. This sensor offers extremely competitive performance, and it is one of the best on the market. The image formats are JPG; TIFF; FITS (16-bit raw images). The resolution for this sensor is 12.5 MP, and it has a pixel size of 2μm. With the CovalENS, the resolution can reach up to 32 MP!


With CovalENS, the first "panorama mode" ever embedded into a telescope, you can explore a much larger area of the sky than your instrument's original field of view, creating a panorama of the universe. With Vespera Mosaic mode and CovalENS, you have a wider window into the universe and more opportunities to capture unique images. There are some objects or groups of objects that are larger than other deep sky objects, making it difficult to see their entirety. An example of this is the Great Andromeda Galaxy, measuring about 3-deg at its longest dimension. This is 6x larger than the full Moon! The Mosaic mode extends the field of view of the Vespera Pro Smart telescope for more complete images of large deep sky objects, better exploration of large nebulas, to obtain sets of nebulas in the same view, and to capture small asterisms or groups of a stars, like the Kemble's Cascade (Camelopardalis constellation). The maximum field of view at the sensor proportions is 3.2-degrees x 1.8-degrees, and there is an increased resolution in Mosaic Mode. The mosaic framing is defined in relation to the north/south (EQ) sky orientation. This means you will not have to depend on the orientation of objects in the field of view. You can also benefit from the "dithering" effect, which reduces the impact of inherent sensor defects (noise and hot pixels), allowing for better quality images.


New Field Corrector
Included with the Vespera Pro Smart Telescope is a new field corrector. With the larger sensor, this smart telescope has greater demands than the original Vespera I smart telescope. With these demands in mind, Vaonis has developed a new field corrector to ensure you are able to fully utilize the sensor's potential. With a larger sensor than the original Vespera I smart telescope, a new field corrector has been designed to accommodate for this wider field of view. This field corrector provides a beautiful flat field for sharp stars throughout the frame! This addition maximizes the resolving potential of the available 12MP of resolution for crisp and clear details captured within the frame.


Built to Last
Vaonis has designed the Vespera Pro to last! This smart telescope has a storage of 250 GO and a built-in safety lock system. With an investment like the Vespera Pro smart telescope, a security feature like this offers some peace of mind. The Vespera Pro also can last you through the night easily with 11 hours of battery life! The Vespera Pro has an operating temperature range of 0-40° Celsius


Share your Adventures!
The Vaonis Vespera Pro telescope redefines the observation experience. With this innovative telescope, you can watch the stars through the mobile app. What makes the Vespera truly special is the ability to share your celestial adventures with others. You can connect up to five mobile devices to your Vespera Pro station with the multi-user mode and then share your discoveries in Ultra-HD on different social media platforms. The Vespera Pro helps you share your passion and the vastness of the Universe with those you care about!


Automation at It's Finest
The Vespera Pro Smart Telescope boasts five automated features that will make your observation session a breeze! The first is auto-initialization. The Vespera Pro will use your mobile's GPS, star pattern recognition, and astrometry to calibrate itself. Once your device is set up, the telescope will be ready in less than 5 minutes. The next is auto-alignment. The Vespera Pro observation station uses GoTo technology, and once you select a target in the app or enter celestial coordinates, the body of the scope will move and point to the object automatically. The third is auto-tracking. Driven by a motor and controlled by the integrated computer, the Vespera will automatically track your celestial object and compensate for the Earth's rotation. The final automated feature is auto-focus. The Vespera is one of the only smart telescopes on the market to utilize autofocusing, so you will no longer need to manually intervene to make sure your photos are as sharp as possible.


The Vaonis App and the Vespera Pro Expert Mode
The free Vaonis app, Singularity, acts as the control room for your Vespera Pro Smart Telescope. This is where you decide every action you would like the Vespera to take. You can easily access and learn about any stellar object within the Singularity's catalog of 4,300 objects, including planets like Jupiter and Saturn. Singularity also gives you the ability to thoroughly and easily plan out your evening session based on when your favored objects will be visible. This mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. With the Vespera Pro upgrade, you will be able to access "Expert Mode'' within the Singularity app. This mode comes with three distinct features: control of Vespera's camera settings, the capture of dark calibration frames, and the automatic subtraction of these dark frames for reduction of thermal noise. When controlling the smart scope's camera settings, you will be able to set the number of images, single exposure time, and gain. For ease of use, the Pro unit also comes with a lens cover to assist with taking dark frames!

Looking to round out your Vespera Pro smart telescope set up? Vaonis has many different complementary accessories that can enhance and expand your Vespera experience. For example, capture images the Sun with the compatible Vaonis solar filter or mute the city lights to get the best images possible using the Vaonis CLS filter. You can even get a compatible dual band filter to refine those image details even further! The Vespera Pro does not come with a USB-C charging cable or adapter.

What's in the Box

  • Vaonis Vespera Pro Smart Telescope
  • Short Tripod
  • Bubble Level
  • Lens Cover
  • Free Mobile App

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