Svbony SV187 1.25-inch Telescopic CA1 Photographic Sleeve - W9146A

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SVBONY SV187 Variable Universal Camera Adapter Support Max 46mm Outside Diameter Eyepiece for SLR & DSLR Camera And Eyepiece Projection Photography.

The Adapter can handle larger eyepieces (to 46mm Max Diameter) and has a handy laser engraved Extension Scale.

The Variable Universal Camera Adapter is composed of two detachable parts: a prime-focus adapter for prime-focus photography, and a fixed-length or variable extension tube for eyepiece-projection photography.

The 1.25-inch Extendable camera adapter is made of black anodized aluminum and is suitable for all standard 1.25" astronomical telescopes.

Easy to connect the camera body (Need T-Ring) to the reflector and refracting telescope for either prime-focus or telescope eyepiece-projection photography. At the same time can install a filter (pipe thread) and compatible with the 1.25-inch eyepiece.

A thumbscrew in the extension tube holds the telescope eyepiece in place. This combination of prime-focus and eyepiece-projection camera adapter has a sliding barrel design that allows variable projection distances.

Built-in protective pressure ring to prevent the appearance of the eyepiece barrel from being scratched.

SV187 1.25-inch Telescopic CA1 Photographic Sleeve.jpgSV187 1.25-inch Photographic Sleeve.jpgSV187 Photographic Sleeve.jpgSV187 1.25-inch Telescopic CA1.jpgSV187 Telescopic CA1.jpgSV187 CA1.jpgW9146 1.25-inch Telescopic CA1 .jpgW9146 telescopic CA1 .jpg


Model W9146A
Material Aluminum Alloy
Support Eyepiece Outside Diameter 46mm Max
Variable Projection Range 34mm
Thread on Up M42*0.75
Thread on Under M28.5*0.6
Color Black
Net Weight 231g / 8.13oz / 0.508lb

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