Svbony SV172 Dew Heater Strip for Telescopes and Cameras

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Size: 240mm
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The Svbony SV172 dew heater strip designed for astronomy telescopes and cameras, protecting optical devices like telescopes and cameras from fogging or freezing.

  • Low Medium and High settings
  • 50mm width design
  • An alloy fiber heating wire provides super fast and continuous warming, with internal silicone insulation around the wiring

Svbony SV172 dew heater strip.jpg

SV172 dew heater strip.jpg

dew heater strip for telescopejpg

dew heater strip for lens.jpg

dew heater strip.jpg

SV172 fogproof strip.jpg

dew heanter strip for camera lens.jpg




camera lens dew heater strip.jpg

Svbony baby bottles heater strip.jpg


Model W9132A W9132B W9132C
Total Length 320mm 400mm 480mm
Heater Length 240mm 320mm 400mm
Interface Type USB Type-A USB Type-A USB Type-A
Input Voltage DV 5V DV 5V DV 5V
Input Current 1.45A~1.55A 1.8A~1.95A 1.9A~2.2A
Power 7.25W - 7.75W 9W – 9.25W 9.5W-9.75W
Temperature Adjustable Yes Yes Yes
Power Cable Length 1.8m 1.8m 1.8m
Strip Material Imitation OK cloth + SBR + Black-T +Aluminum Film+ PU
Power cord material Nylon Nylon Nylon

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