Rigel QuikFinder Compact Reflex Illuminated Reticle Telescope Finderscope

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The unique design of the Rigel QuickFinder reticle finderscope makes sighting astronomical targets a breeze. The design of the reflex sight finder allows you to use both eyes  wide-open while viewing through the reticle, making it a much more natural and relaxed experience. It works very well for virtually all scopes, including those that don't have space for larger finderscopes. Small and light, this finder is a pleasure to use.  Adjusting the brightness allows for sighting on very faint stars while still keeping the reticle in view.

Rigel QuikFinder Features

  • Projection of 2-degree and 1-degree concentric red circles against an un-magnified background of stars
  • Pulsed or continuous illumination of the reticle circles
  • Adjustable brightness controls
  • Quick clip-on and removal off its base - no tools and easy re-attachment - the base can be attached using an existing bolt/screw on the optical tube or with the included foam, allowing it to be attached nearly anywhere on the optical tube.
  • Easy to use reticle adjustment knobs for fine-tuning centering

Rigel QuikFinder Includes:

  • 1 Extra Base Plate for additional telescopes
  • Included long-life lithium CR3032 battery (Installed when testing before shipping out)
  • Built-In Dew Shield
  • Five year Rigel Systems Warranty

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