Rigel QuikFinder Compact Reflex Illuminated Reticle Telescope Finderscope

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sylvain vaudry
toujours aussi satisfait

un service toujours aussi rapide et un produit tres bien emballé pour le proteger


The unique design of the Rigel QuickFinder reticle finderscope makes sighting astronomical targets a breeze. The design of the reflex sight finder allows you to use both eyes  wide-open while viewing through the reticle, making it a much more natural and relaxed experience. It works very well for virtually all scopes, including those that don't have space for larger finderscopes. Small and light, this finder is a pleasure to use.  Adjusting the brightness allows for sighting on very faint stars while still keeping the reticle in view.

Rigel QuikFinder Features

  • Projection of 2-degree and 1-degree concentric red circles against an un-magnified background of stars
  • Pulsed or continuous illumination of the reticle circles
  • Adjustable brightness controls
  • Quick clip-on and removal off its base - no tools and easy re-attachment - the base can be attached using an existing bolt/screw on the optical tube or with the included foam, allowing it to be attached nearly anywhere on the optical tube.
  • Easy to use reticle adjustment knobs for fine-tuning centering

Rigel QuikFinder Includes:

  • 1 Base Plate for larger telescopes (6" or larger diameter) - Marked with #10 on the bottom
  • 1 Base Plate for smaller telescopes (less than 6" diameter) - Marked with #20 on bottom
  • Included long-life lithium CR3032 battery (Installed when testing before shipping out)
  • Built-In Dew Shield
  • Five year Rigel Systems Warranty

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