QHYCCD QHY268C-PH 26MP Cooled APS-C Color CMOS Astrophotography Camera - QHY268C-PH

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QHY268C Back-Illuminated Color Camera

The QHY268C is a new generation of back-illuminated CMOS cameras with true 16-bit A/D and 3.76um pixels.  This new Sony sensor is an ideal color CMOS sensor exhibiting no amplifer glow. 16-bit A/D gives high resolution sampling of the whole full well range.  Digitizing 0-65535 levels yields a smooth image with continuous gradation of greyscale levels. 

QHYCCD will release the first batch of QHY268C cameras in December, 2019.  Like, the QHY600, this first batch of QHY268C cameras is called the Early Bird Version (QHY268EB-C).  It has both the USB3.0 and 2 x 10Gbit fiber ports but the 2 x 10Gbit fiber is functionally disabled.  It can be enabled in future upgrades.  Besides the QHY268EB-C, there is the QHY268PH-C and QHY268PRO-C. The QHY268PH-C has only the USB3.0 port. The QHY268PRO-C has both USB3.0 and 2X10Gbit fiber port. 

The price of QHY268EB-C is USD2399. The price of QHY268PH-C is USD2099 and the QHY268PRO-C price is TBD. For other different of the PRO version and Photograph version please check QHY600's product page. 

Readout Mode is a new function for new QHY Cameras. Different Readout Mode have different driver timing etc and causes the different performance results. Each readout mode has its advantage and disadvantages. QHY600 currently has three readout modes. And in future QHYCCD may add more modes. The Readout mode currently supported by QHY ASCOM Camera Driver and SharpCAP software and the N.I.N.A software. You can find the list box in the software.


QHY268PH-C      (PhotoGrapic Version)

QHY268EB-C      (Early Bird Verson)

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From Jarrett Trezzo



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Sample Images of QHY268

By Jarrett Trezzo

Telescopes: Celestron Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph 11″
Cameras: QHYCCD QHY268C

By Jarrett Trezzo

Telescopes: Celestron Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph 11″
Cameras: QHYCCD QHY268C

 Sharpstar 150 2.8 HNT, QHY268C, Ayton iOptron CEM70,
two stitching, 301 * 300s, cumulative exposure 25.1 hours
APT shooting, PI post, PS drawing


Model QHY268PH-C      (PhotoGrapic Version)
QHY268EB-C      (Early Bird Verson)
QHY268PRO-C   (Professional Version)
Image Sensor SONY APS-C CMOS Sensor IMX571
Sensor Type Back Illuminated (BSI)
Pixel Size 3.76um x 3.76um
Color / Mono Version Only Color Version Avaliable
Sensor Surface Glass Multi Layer AR coating
Effective Pixels
26 Megapixels
Effective Image Area
6280*4210 (includes the optically black area and overscan area)
Full Well Capacity 
51ke- (More than 75ke- in extended full well mode)
Native 16-bit (0-65535 greyscale) A/D
Sensor Size
APS-C format
Full Frame Rate
USB3.0 Port:
Full Resolution  6.8FPS  @8BIT         6FPS @16BIT
2048lines         13.6FPS  @8BIT     11.5FPS@16BIT
1080lines         25.4FPS  @8BIT     19.5FPS@16BIT
768lines           35FPS     @8BIT        25FPS@16BIT
480lines           50FPS     @8BIT        34FPS@16BIT
Read Noise 0.7e- High Gain, 3.5e- Low Gain
(2.7e- to 5.5e- in extended full well mode)
Dark Current 0.0005e/pixel/sec @ -20C        0.001e/pixel/sec @ -10C
Zero Amplifer Glow Yes
Exposure Time Range 30us - 3600sec
Firmware/FPGA upgrade  Fully Support. via Camera USB port
Non-volatile memory / On camera storage Build-in total 64MByte Flash Memory. 10MBytes user-accessible space for stellar ROI frames for analysis for exoplanet investigation, occultations, atmospheric seeing measurements, focus, optical analysis, etc. Supports 100*100 image x 500 frames; 50*50 image x 4000frames; 25*25 image x 16000 frames; 10*10 image x 250000 frames .
Shutter Type Electronic Shutter
Computer Interface USB 3.0 
Built-in Image Buffer 1GByte/2GByte DDR3 Memory
Cooling System
Dual Stage TEC cooler(-35C below ambient)
Anti-Dew Heater
Telescope Interface
Optic Window Type

 AR+AR High Quality Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating

Back Focal Length
Early Bird Version:980g
PhotoGraphic Version:980g
Pofessional Version:780g

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