Optolong LRGB + H-Alpha 7nm 5 Piece Filter Set

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The LRGB filter set is designed for maximum contrast, with extremely high gradients for clear differentiation of colors. This filter set divides the spectrum into its component colors - red, green, blue, plus luminance. The OIII emission line overlaps blue and green filters, with maximum transmission to allow for high efficiency and natural color imaging. The gap between the green and red filters serves to block out the primary sodium light pollution line at 589nm and improves color balance and separation.

The included H-Alpha filter set is generally used with astronomical monochrome CCDs and DSLRs. These types of filters are commonly used by astrophotographers to image fine nebulosity while cutting down on bright starlight, and can replace the red filter or luminance filter while performing narrowband imaging. The H-Alpha 7nm filter is centered on 656.3nm. It provides high light transmittance so as to obtain the maximum contrast with nebulae while cutting out background emissions and suppressing starlight and light pollution.

31mm and 36mm filters are unmounted


LRGB Specifications 

Tavg: T>95%
Coating Wavelength: 300-1050nm
Optical Density: OD3
Surface Quality: 60/40
Transmitted Wavefront RMS: λ/4
Parallelism (arcsec): 30s
Filter Casing Width: 4.9mm

    SHO Specifications

    CWL (center of wavelength): H-Alpha 656.3nm
    FWHM: H-Alpha7nm
    Tpeak: <85%
    Optical Density: OD 3
    Surface Quality: 60/40
    Transmitted Wavefront RMS: λ/4
    Parallelism(arcsec): 30s
    Filter Casing Width: 4.9mm

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