Innovations Foresight On-Axis Guider ONAG® SC (APS-C)

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ONAG® SC for APS-C chips up to 28 mm diagonally

New - Using the full frame for guiding (not just stars!) and also focusing in real time:

Innovations Foresight is also in a beta test phase for our SkyWave (SKW) AI based wavefront sensing and collimation tool. The basic version will be integrated with SKG, here is a link to the topic:

Stop the frustration of flexure and small aperture guide scopes, or hunting for that magic star in an off-axis guider's tiny field of view at the distorted edge of the field of view and start using your main scope's full field of view to make guiding simply work the way it should - effortlessly.

Now with a highly-anticipated helical focuser for your guiding camera and adapters.

The ONAG SC is a new member of the On Axis Guider product line, it replaced the standard ONAG (discontinued).

To know more about ONAG technology please visit Innovation Foresight's eduction page.

The ONAG SC, when associated with FocusLock software, offers an unique solution for guiding and continuous real time auto-focus using Innovation Foresight's SharpLock patent pending technology. There is no need to interrupt your imaging session for any periodic re-focusing runs anymore, it happens in real time.

Innovations Foresight recognizes that ONAG's users may want to customize their ONAG solution to fit their setups, as well as to use adapters/spacers they may already own - A full kit with all adapters or the ONAG alone is offered.

The ONAG SC is optimized for APS-C, up to 28mm in diagonal, imaging chips.
All the ONAG SC optical ports, scope (SP), imaging (IP), and guider (GP), use a standard T2 M42 x 0.75mm (T thread) connections.

(Note: The maximum thread penetration length at the ONAG SC SP is 5mm, longer threads may scratch the dichroic mirror coating)

For ONAG backfocus calculation and Excel spreadsheet click here.

To fit your needs provides custom adapters for any ONAGs.

For purchase of FocusLock real time auto-focus capable software please click here.

Feel free to contact Innovations Foresight for any advice and support.

Watch the ONAG technology video below:


  • Finding a guide star has never been easier!
  • For your best images yet, ONAG Features:
  • Wide FOV for your guider with the integrated X/Y stage.
  • No differential flexure even with long focal lengths.
  • NIR guiding for reduced seeing & a smooth tracking.
  • No rotation needed, enjoy reusing your flat frames.
  • No filter in the way, ideal for narrow band imaging.
  • Sharp images with SharpLock real time auto-focus software.
  • No periodic refocus anymore, save time with SharpLock.
  • Helical focuser for the guider.
  • Light weight (0.8 Kg) and much more…
The full kit contains an ONAG SC, plus:
    • 2x T2 M42 x 0.75mm spacer (8mm length)
    • 1x T2 M42 x 0.75mm spacer (16mm length)
    • 1x Female SCT adapter, to connect with 2″ 24 tpi male SCT threads (7.5mm backfocus)
    • 1x Two inches nosepiece (0mm back focus, 30mm long)


    Product Specifications: without extension tube
    Over all dimensions: 123 x 92 x 83 mm
    ONAG® weight: 770 g
    Imager back focus: 66 mm +/- 2 mm
    Guider back focus, half way extended: 90 mm +/- 1 mm
    Imager chip diagonal: Up to 28mm (APS-C, KAF8300, DSLR, ..)
    X/Y stage, full X travel: 37 mm
    X/Y stage, full Y travel (excepted low profile): 28 mm
    X/Y stage, maximum off-axis offset: 23 mm
    X/Y stage maximum exploration circle: 46 mm
    Guider focuser type: Helical
    Guider focuser travel: Minimum 9 mm
    Scope port: T-thread (M42 x 0.75)
    Imager port: T-thread (M42 x 0.75)
    Guider port: T-thread (M42 x 0.75)
    Dichroic beam splitter coating: Fully multi-coated
    Dichroic beam splitter protection (both sides): Optical grade quartz
    Typical dichroic beam splitter reflection (visible): > 98%
    Dichroic beam splitter visible range: > 370 nm to 750 nm
    Typical dichroic beam splitter transmission (NIR): > 90%
    Dichroic beam splitter NIR range: > 750 nm to 1200 nm
    Anodizing: Black, low reflection

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