Svbony UHC 1.25"/2"/EOS-C Filter for Eyepieces and Cameras - F9131

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Size: 1.25"
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Svbony Light Pollution Reduction UHC Filters are designed to selectively reduce the transmission of certain wavelengths of light specifically those produced by artificial light. This includes mercury vapor and both high and low pressure sodium vapor lights and the unwanted natural light caused by neutral oxygen emission in our atmosphere

The new ultra high contrast Svbony UHC filters has improved contrast over the typical broadband filters. Sky background is darker, and contrast of emission nebulae are noticeably improved

We provide you with three different sizes to choose from, 1.25'' and 2'' for eyepiece, EOS-C filter is for Canon EOS-C interface

Svbony 1.25'' UHC filter.jpg

UHC filter for telescope.jpg

Svbony 2'' UHC filter.jpg

Svbony UHC filter EOS-C interface.jpg

UHC filter for Canon EOS-C camera.jpg

Canon camera EOS-C interface UHC filter.jpg

Svbony Filters.jpg

Svbony Filters- (14).jpg

Svbony UHC Filters- (15).jpg


Model F9131A  F9131B  F9131D 
Size 1.25'' 2'' EOS-C
Type Ultra High Contrast Filter (UHC Filter)
Thread Standard M28.5*0.6 Standard M48*0.75 Canon EOS-C

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