Svbony Moon Filters for Reduced Glare - F9114

SvbonySKU: F9114L

Size: 1.25"
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Reduce glare and increase contrast of the moon with the Svbony moon filters. Also useful for extra bright planets as well as terrestrial viewing over sand or snow. This filter is not suitable for viewing the Sun. We provide you with two sizes to choose from, 1.25'' and 2'', please choose one size that suitable for your focuser.

Svbony moon filters.jpg

moon filter for moon viewing.jpg

Svbony moon filter for telescope eyepiece.jpg


Model F9114A F9114L
Size 2'' 1.25''
Sleeve material Metal Metal
Caliber 2" / 50.8mm 1.25" / 31.7mm
Filter Thread M48*0.75 M28.5*0.6

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