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  • 3-in-1 device: portable power pack, red and white LED flashlight, and hand warmer
  • Large capacity 5200 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery charges smartphones, MP3 players, cameras, and many other USB-powered devices
  • Bright red and white LED flashlight with 5 modes: red light only, white light only, red light blinking, white light blinking, SOS
  • Ultra compact design with dual-mode aluminum heating element
  • Includes USB charging cable and soft carry pouch

FireCel Plus is the ultimate multipurpose device for the outdoorsman. This rugged 3-in-1 tool features a hand warmer, a multi-mode flashlight, and a portable power supply for smartphones and personal electronics.

The dual mode hand warmer provides continuous heat for up to 12 hours. Choose to heat just one side when FireCel Plus is in a pocket, or both sides to warm hands. The 5200 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery delivers 2 full charges to most smartphones and MP3 players, and also charges USB-powered cameras. An integrated flashlight features both red and white LEDs and five modes, including SOS for unexpected emergencies. The red LEDs are ideal for stargazing or anytime you need to preserve your night vision.

FireCel Plus' high quality aluminum shell is rugged enough for outdoor use, and compact enough to fit in your pack, pocket or glove compartment. Never leave home without the 3-in-1 FireCel Plus.

Elements FireCel+ Manual
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Functionality: 3-in-1 device: portable power pack, LED flashlight, and hand warmer
Battery Type: Lithium ion
Battery Size: 5200 mAh
Battery Rating (Wh): 19.24Wh
Energy Density (Wh/L): 1106 Wh/L
Power Consumption Rate (W): 10W
Battery Life- Hand Warmer function: MODE 1: 6 hours | MODE 2: 12 hours
Battery life - White Light function: White LEDs / Red LEDs ON (130H), White LEDs / Red LEDs Flash (260H), White and Red LEDs SOS (150H)
Battery life - Red Light function: White LEDs / Red LEDs ON (130H), White LEDs / Red LEDs Flash (260H), White and Red LEDs SOS (150H)
Battery Life- Warmer and Light Function When Used Together: Warmer: Mode 1: 6 hours, Mode 2: 12 hours | Light function: White LEDs / Red LEDs ON (130H), White LEDs / Red LEDs Flash (260H), White and Red LEDs SOS (150H)
Battery Life - Charging function: SmartPhone (2100mAh) : 2X | MP3 Player (1100mAh) : 4X | Sport Camera (1100mAh) : 4X
Hand Warmer Temperature Range: 103° - 114°F (40° - 45°C)
Hand Warmer Heat modes: One side: 12 hours / 2 sides, 6 hours
Flashlight Modes: (5) modes: Red LEDs only | White LEDs only | Red LEDs blinking | White LEDs blinking | SOS both red and white LEDs
Flashlight Bulb: (4) LEDs: 2 bright white, 2 red flashlight modes
LED indicators: 6 total: (4) Blue LEDs indicates internal battery capacity charging | (1) green LED indicates "charging" external device | (1) red LED indicates hand warmer function
Auto Charge Feature: Charging activated by user following connection of device
Power Input: 5V- (500mAh/900 to 2A- Smart Charge Technology)
Power Output: 5V 1A
Input Charge Time: Power supply USB-PC/CC 500mA: 11.0 hours | Power supply 5v/1A/CC 900 mAh: 6.5 hours | Power supply 5V/2A/CC 1.8A: 3.6 hours
C-Link Feature: Compatible with other Celestron Elements power banks for extending heat time and recharging the internal battery
Ports: (1) Mini USB Port charges internal lithium ion battery. (1) Standard USB 2.0 out port for charging devices
Storage Temperature Range: optimal 68° - 77°F (20° - 25°C)
Operating Temperature Range: 32° - 113°F (0° - 45°C)
Environmental Protection Level: None
Ergonomics: Fits ergonomically in your hand ensure full contact when using hand warmer
Weight: 3.52 oz (100 g)
Dimensions: 65.5mm x 88.6mm x 23mm (2.57" x 3.49" x .9")
Included Items: Wrist strap | USB charging cable | Soft carry pouch
Solar Warning

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