Buckeye Stargazer 3D-Printed ZWO EAF Bracket (Black) for Celestron and Meade Scopes

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Maciej Kalica

everything is fine, fast shipping to europe, easy to install


These are 3D-printed ZWO EAF brackets (Black) for various Celestron and Meade scopes:

EAF-C5: ZWO EAF bracket for the Celestron C5

EAF-C6.8.9.25-RASA8: ZWO EAF bracket for modern Celestron C6/C8/C9.25/RASA8 Scopes that have 27mm between focuser mounting screws.  This includes EdgeHD scopes.

EAF-C11.14-RASA11: ZWO EAF bracket for modern Celestron C11/C14/RASA11 scopes that have 27mm between focuser mounting screws

EAF-C6.8.9.25-Classic: ZWO EAF bracket for older classic Celestron C6/C8/C9.25
scopes that have 23mm between focuser mounting screws

EAF-MLXGPS: ZWO EAF bracket for Meade LX200GPS scopes

EAF-MLXACF: ZWO EAF bracket for Meade LX200ACF scopes

EAF-FTF30: ZWO EAF bracket for Feathertouch Refractor focusers.  Confirmed fit with FTF30xx and FTF32xx.  Will likely fit FTF25xx.

EAF-FTM: ZWO EAF bracket for the Featertouch Micro (SCTs)

EAF-GSO-2CRF-M: ZWO EAF bracket for the GSO 2" Crayford dual speed focuser.

*EAF-GSO-2LBF: ZWO EAF bracket for the GSO 2" Linear Bearing Focuser/TS Monorail. (See mounting instructions below)

*EAF-GSO-3.25LBF: ZWO EAF bracket for the GSO 3.25" Linear Bearing Focuser. (See mounting instructions below)

This bracket allows you to mount a ZWO Electronic Automatic Focuser (EAF)  onto your telescope.

The system consists of two parts:  a bracket for your telescope and a coupler that attaches the EAF onto the focuser pinion.  Connections are held securely with stainless steel M3 set screws.  Where necessary, bracket mounting screws are provided.  The ZWO supplied M4 screws are used to attach the EAF to the bracket.  Note that the user will need to have a hex key/Allen key for the M3 set screws (not provided). 

Printed in durable, temperature tolerant PETG filament.

*GSO Linear Bearing Focuser EAF Bracket Mounting Instructions:
Please follow carefully!
1.  With the bottom of the focuser pointing up to avoid falling, remove the 4 screws.
2.  Place the EAF bracket on the focuser and using the screws provided evenly tighten all 4 screws until they are snug.  Tighten 1/4 turn more, being careful to tighten all 4 screws evenly.
3.  Slide the coupler onto the focuser pinion shaft.
4.  Attach the EAF to the bracket.
5.  Tighten the set screws on the coupler.  Do not over tighten.

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