Buckeye Stargazer 3D-Printed Tri-Bahtinov Masks for GSO Scopes for Collimation and Focus

Buckeye StargazerSKU: TriBahtinov-GSO6RC

Size: GSO 6" Ritchey–Chrétien (Astro-Tech TPO iOptron Orion etc.) - TriBahtinov-GSO6RC
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A Tri-Bahtinov mask operates under the same principle as the Bahtinov mask for focusing and adds the ability to collimate scopes with collimatable optics.  
The design is based on Cytan's idea, documented on his Github site here, and the sketch was made using Satoru Takagi's Mask Generator.
The mask has a raised center for an easy grip and comes in three sections that snap fit together and can be taken apart for easier storage (C5 is one piece, 14" and larger are 6 sections). 

If you don't see your scope listed below Buckeye will be happy to design a mask to meet your needs.

GSO 8" Ritchey–Chrétien (Astro-Tech, TPO, iOptron, Orion, etc.): TriBahtinov-GSO8RC
GSO 10" Ritchey–Chrétien (Astro-Tech, TPO, iOptron, Orion, etc.): TriBahtinov-GSO10RC
GSO 14" Ritchey–Chrétien (Astro-Tech, TPO, iOptron, Orion, etc.): TriBahtinov-GSO14RC
GSO 16" Ritchey–Chrétien (Astro-Tech, TPO, iOptron, Orion, etc.): TriBahtinov-GSO16RC
GSO 8" Classical Cassegrain (Astro-Tech, TPO, iOptron, Orion, etc.): TriBahtinov-GSO8CC

Instructions for Use:

Please see Cytan's wiki page.  

**For Hyperstar versions, the center hole accommodates the Hyperstar, and will not go around cameras that are wider than the Hyperstar body.  In such cases the camera must be removed for installation and removal of the mask.

Printed in durable, temperature tolerant PETG filament.


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