Buckeye Stargazer 3D-Printed Mounting Bars, Saddles, and Tripod Clips

Size: V-Type Bar
Sale price$18 CAD
In stock (2 unit), due to high volume of solar product orders we are shipping within 1-2 business days of receiving orders


Tripod-1.20: 1.20" legs (Skywatcher AZ-GT, A25, StarAdventure, SolarQuest)
Tripod-1.25: 1.25" legs (iOptron SmartStar, iPano, SkyGuider Pro, SkyTracker, SmartEQ/Cube)
Tripod-1.50: 1.50" legs (iOptron ZEQ25, CEM25, MiniTower, iEQ30, SkyGuide)
Tripod-1.75: 1.75" legs (iOptron LiteRoc; Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5/EQM-35/HEQ5)
Tripod-2.00: 2.00" legs (Skywatcher AZ EQ6, EQ6-RPro; iOptron MiniTower-Pro, iEQ45/CEM60; Meade Standard Field Tripod; Celestron Heavy Duty Tripod, AVX Tripod, CGX Tripod)
Tripod-2.36: 2.36" legs (Skywatcher EQ8)
Tripod-2.75: 2.75" legs (Celestron CGX-L)

Tripod-3.00: 3.00" legs (Meade Giant Field Tripod; Losmandy HD Tripod)

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