Buckeye Stargazer 3D-Printed 1.25" and 2" Desiccant Caps

Buckeye StargazerSKU: DESIC-1.25-40mm
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Size: 1.25" Desiccant Cap, 40mm Length, Black
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These simple Desiccant Caps will keep your scope dry while stored.  

Available in the following formats:

  • Focuser Inserts (eyepiece) - 2" and 1.25", 40mm length

All desiccant caps come with rechargeable desiccant packs that can easily be recharged in the microwave and a vinyl cap when not in use. The 2" and 1.25" insert caps also come with an O-ring to to help seal any gaps between the cap and focuser.

To Recharge the Desiccant Packs

-Place all the desiccant packs in the microwave
-Using DEFROST ONLY, microwave for 2 minutes
-Repeat 3-4 times until the desiccant turns from green to orange
NOTE:  The green desiccant will first turn purple, then orange when drying is complete.  After many recharges the color indicating beads may remain purple, but the desiccant is still effective.

*Printed in durable, temperature tolerant PETG filament.

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