Buckeye Stargazer 3D-Printed Camera Rotation Levels

Buckeye StargazerSKU: Level-ASI62

Size: ZWO "Planetary" cameras (non-Pro) (ASI462MC/290MC or MM/294MC/385MC/178MC or MM224MC/120MC-S/120MM-S/174MM/1600MM/183MC or MM) - Level-ASI62
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If you don't have an automatic rotator, these simple camera bubble levels will help orient your camera to 0, 45 or 90 degrees (or 0 or 90 degrees depending on the model).  

Each bubble level includes mounting screws, or the existing camera screws can be used to mount the bubble level. 

ZWO "Planetary" cameras (non-Pro) (ASI462MC, 290MC/MM, 294MC, 385MC, 178MC/MM, 224MC, 120MC-s, 120MM-s, 174MM, 1600MM, 183MC/MM): Level-ASI62

ZWO ASI1600MM/MC-Pro, ASI533MC-Pro,       ASI183MM/MC-Pro, ASI294MM/MC-Pro: Level-ASI78-Tri

ZWO ASI071MC-Pro: Level-ASI86-Tri

ZWO ASI2600MC/MM-Pro, ASI6200MC/MM-pro, ASI2400MC-Pro: Level-ASI90-Tri

QHY163M/C, 183M/C, 174, 178, 290, 224, 550M/C: Level-QHY77

QHY600PH-M/C, 294M/C, 367C, 128C, 247C : Level-QHY90PH-Tri

QHY600L-M/C, 268M/C, 410C: Level-QHY90L-Tri

QHY168C: Level-QHY168

Atik Horizon/Horizon II: Level-Horizon-Tri

Printed in durable, temperature tolerant PETG filament.

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