BeaverLAB Smart Microscope with Accessories - M2A Version - DDL-M2A


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  • 4.3" IPS screen, easier to observe micro details.
  • 2.0MP CMOS chips, high-definition imaging, the picture is real and delicate without chromatic aberration.
  • Multi-segment hybrid zoom, 100X-1600X magnification , see every detail clearly
  • Fast charging and 5h long battery life, large-capacity lithium battery 2500mAh + 1800mAh
  • Darwin M2A includes: Darwin M2 Tube*1 + Stand Base*1 + Prepared Slides*10 + Blank Slides*10 + Specimen Collection Tool Set*1 + Microscope Science Book*1 + Observation Record Book*1 + Manual*1 + Charging Cable*1

4.3" IPS Display

Darwin M2 adopts 4.3" IPS screen. The IPS panel provides more vivid and true-to-life colors compared to TN and VA panels. With a 24-bit RGB color depth, it can display 16.7 million possible colors, resulting in better color reproduction and wider viewing angles. meanwhile, IPS panels exhibit minimal color shifts even when viewed from various angles.

100X-1600X Magnification

With Multi-segment hybrid zoom, the magnification of Darwin M2 is up to 1600X (optical magnification up to 400X). After rotating the focusing cylinder to zoom in, you can press the plus (+) button on the back of the screen to increase the magnification continuously.


Detachable Design

The Darwin M2 features a detachable microscope tube that can be separated from its stand base, enabling convenient observation in outdoor environments. Whether you're on hikes, field trips, or engaging in any other outdoor activities, this portable design provides complete freedom.


1080P CMOS Sensor

With a 2.0MP CMOS sensor, the Darwin M2 microscope enables you to capture full HD videos and photos in 1920x1080 resolution. These images can be viewed on a computer or laptop in high definition and larger sizes without any loss of image quality, allowing for a more detailed examination and analysis of your specimens.


Quick Projection

Darwin M2 offers a wireless picture transmission function that allows quick projection through 2.4GHz WiFi. You can share the real-time image via a smartphone or a large display (devices with Android/iOS systems) with multiple people, sparking exciting discussions and explorations.


Wireless Download & Share

With the built-in WiFi network and self-equipped app, you can easily download images and videos from Darwin M2 directly to your smartphone or iPad without looking for USB cables everywhere. This convenient feature allows you to share your discoveries directly with other people or upload them to social media channels.

Extra Features You'll Love

  • Real-time Surveying & Mapping

    This software offers numerous functional buttons, including 'crosshair,'  'angle,'  'concentric circle,' 'parallel line,' 'add text,' and more. With these tools, you can survey and map your observation in real-time. Click the "camera" icon can also save photos and videos to your computer.

  • 2D/3D Image Mode

    These modes can provide various real-time 2D/3D viewing experiences. In particular, the "Emboss" mode accurately portrays the 3D effect of the specimen surface. It is useful for examining specimens with curved or uneven surfaces.

Loved by Our Customer

  • Circuit board maintenance

  • Education and teaching

  • Coin Appraisal

  • Science Experiment

  • Macro shooting

  • Skin and hair testing

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