Antlia Filter Drawer System and Adapters

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Size: Telescope Adapter T-42
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James Thompson
Good design but manufacturing problem

I like the flexibility of this design, being able to quickly change adapters for any application. However there is a deficiency with the manufacturing that makes the unit unusable. The grub screws that hold the adapters to the body can't be tightened properly because the threads in the body are not completed. I had to run a tap through all the holes to finish the threads and allow the grub screws to hold the adapters securely.

Jim Thompson
Good idea but poor attention to detail during manufacture

I purchased this filter drawer system as I liked the flexibility of being able to change the adapter on either end. This makes the system extremely flexible, able to fit on any combination of telescope, field flattener/focal reducer, and camera that I own. My first impression upon receipt of the system is that it is well manufactured; nicely finished black coated aluminum components that fit together nicely. Once I tried to use it however I quickly discovered a large flaw in the manufacturing. There are four grub screws used to hold each thread adapter into the drawer body. For some reason the threaded holes that these grub screws fit into are not threaded all the way through, and so the grub screws bottom out in the hole before they can come tight against the adapter. As a result the adapters remain loose on the drawer body, able to move 1-2mm in-and-out, even though the grub screws are screwed in tight. With that much slop in the assembly on both ends of the body, the unit is unusable in my opinion. Luckily I am fairly handy and was able to fix the threads using a M2.5x0.45 tap I bought off It seems that during mass production the tap that threads the grub screw holes did not go all the way through the hole. Only another 2-3 turns of the tap was required to finish the thread properly. With the threads fixed, the unit works perfectly fine - the adapters being held in place nice and firmly.


The filter drawer system is a very convenient and inexpensive alternative to the filter wheel for simple changing of filters and connection of camera and telescope.

Antlia drawer system is composed of three parts, main body base with an optical depth of 20mm, telescope adapter and camera adapter, three parts are connected and fixed by screws. All parts of the Antlia filter drawer system are made of aviation aluminum CNN.

Due to optical depth of 20mm, it can be used also with scopes with a high focal ratio.

In the drawer system, the main body are abbreviated with (B) for base, the adapters are abbreviated with (T) for telescope side and (C) for camera side.

Two specifications of filter sliders are provided. Double strong magnets create stronger adsorption and easier installing.

2inch M48*0.75 thread can be used with the 2'' mounted filters. (B-2INCH)

D50mm thread can be used with the round 50mm unmounted filters. (B-50)

Three filter holders allow you to use the filter with a smaller filter thread size. No need to buy another set of filter drawer

or slider when you buy new cameras or telescopes.

B-4836 filter holder mounted into B-2INCH slider can help you directly fit the 36mm unmounted filter onto 2" filter drawer.

B-4831 filter holder mounted into B-2INCH slider can help you directly fit the 31mm unmounted filter onto 2" filter drawer.

B-48125 filter holder mounted into B-2INCH slider can help you directly fit the 1.25'' mounted filter onto 2" filter drawer.

The main body of the filter drawer system is available with a wide range of threads.
The screws are used to connect base and adapters. Four pieces of Hexagon   socket   screws   are   equipped   and   also installation tools are provided. The system is   designed in a such convenient way,   that it is possible to mount all popular equipment found on the world. You can also adjust the position of the camera and telescope very well.

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