Airy Disk APO 96mm f/6 Triplet ED FCD-100 Apochromatic Refractor APO w/ Aluminum Case and 0.92x Flattener

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A compact 96mm apochromat for powerful images

This APO telescope, boasting a 96mm aperture, presents a delightful combination of outstanding optics and precision mechanics, catering to the needs of both astrophotographers and visual observers. With an aperture of nearly 4 inches and impressive resolution, it proves to be a splendid choice for enthusiasts in both categories.

The telescope's remarkable performance can be attributed to its high-quality triplet lens system, featuring the Hoya ED glass FCD100, renowned for its exceptionally low dispersion made in Japan. With this telescope, you can embark on a journey to explore the wonders of the night sky!

Airy Disk Products Brochure

Airy Disk makes ED and APO telescopes, lenses, spherical and aspherical
mirrors with diameters ranging from 45mm to 400mm.

Our production process is highly integrated.

From lens and optical system design, nearly all steps of the telescope
making process are now in-house:

  • Blank Preparation, Lens Grinding, Polishing and Centering
  • Coating
  • Quality Control
  • Lens mounting
  • Final assembly and inspection, collimation and interferometric testing

The glass used comes from CDGM and Hoya.

Lens mounts are made by the inhouse CNC department as are most of
the telescope components.

State of the art testing equipment, a huge collection of spherical
masters, Fizeau interferometer in red(632.8nm), TwymSan green in
green spectrum(532nm), artificial star and Ronchi.

This control over the whole manufacturing process combined with our
skills and experience results in outstanding optics.

Decades of specialized ED production using Ohara FPL53. Over the
years, the company has provided optical system design, production,
and OEM production for many well-known brands in China.


Glass Used: HOYA FCD100, CDGM
Color: White
Tube Material: Aluminum Alloy
Aperture: 106mm
Focal ratio: f/6.6
Focal length: 700mm
Weight: 3.61kg / 7.95lbs
Coating: Full surface wideband multilayer coating
Resolving Power: 1.09"
Limiting stellar magnitude: 11.9mag
Dovetail style: Vixen
Flattener Details: 0.75x flat field reduction to 525mm f/5,0.92x flat field reduction to 644mm f/6, CAA, M48-T2 connection
Focuser: 3" dual-speed 1:10 rack-and-pinion
Eyepiece Clamp: 2" with 1.25" Adapter
Suitable Photo sensor: Full Frame
Length (hood extended): 645mm
Length (hood in): 550mm

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