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  • Stereo microscope with 10x to 30x power
  • Ergonomic angled binocular viewing head
  • 10x eyepieces with 2 objective lenses (1x and 3x) for a magnification range of 10x and 30x
  • Greenough objective design with natural light illumination
  • Cordless design for maximum portability
  • Accessories include a reversible black & white stage plate and a dust cover

The Celestron Labs S10-30N Stereo Microscope is the perfect specialized stereo microscope. With adjustable low-power 10x and 30x magnification, this stereoscope produces a 3D image of your specimen. It's ideal for observing subjects like insects, rocks, leaves, fossils, and more.

The microscope's ergonomic angled head reduces neck strain for more comfortable observing sessions. It uses natural or external light and features a reversible stage plate.

The binocular eyepieces adjust to accommodate users' interpupillary distances. The left eyepiece has an integrated diopter adjustment control. Once you have the eyepieces in their desired position, use the rack-and-pinion focus knob to dial in precise focus. It is best to begin viewing a sample at low-power 10x and then switch to high-power as needed.

To accommodate large samples, you may need to expand your focus range by vertically sliding the head along the pillar stand to bring the image into sharp focus.  For specimens that do not fit on the microscope base, like fossil bones, the Celestron Labs S10-30N microscope head can rotate around the pillar stand.

The microscope is light and easy to carry. Bring this microscope on your day-to-day explorations, whether in the lab, on a desk, or in the field. It's well-suited for hobbyists and students.

Accessories Included

Your Celestron Labs S10-30N comes complete with two synthetic rubber flared eyepiece eyecups, a stage plate, and a dust cover. Install the angled rubber eyecups to reduce extraneous light that may interfere with your viewing.  The stage plate comes in a reversible black/white, offering you different ways to observe to get the best detail. Protect your instrument with the dust cover when it is not in use.



Are the eyepieces interchangeable with other microscope eyepieces?


Yes, they are 30.5mm mount diameter and they can be interchanged with other eyepieces of the same mount diameter.

Celestron Labs S1030N Microscope Manual
Microscope basics



Type of Microscope: Stereo
Head: Ergonomic binocular viewing head, inclined at 45°
Eyepiece(s) Magnification: (2) WF 10x
Eyepiece(s) Diameter: 30.5mm (1.2")
Nosepiece: stereo, rotational
Objective(s) Type: Greenough
Objective(s) Standard: N/A
Objective(s) Magnification: 1x / 3x
Objective(s) Thread: N/A
Focus Type(s): Rack and pinion, coarse focus only
Focus Travel (per rotation): 40mm (1.57")
Magnification Range: 10-30x
Illumination Type: Natural light
Illumination Position(s): N/A
Illumination Adjustability Mechanism: N/A
Power Source: None
Battery Option: None
Stage: 60mm (2.36") diameter glass reversible black / white surface plate, stage clips
Condenser Type: None
Condenser N.A.: None
Stage Diaphragm: None
Included Items: (2) 10xWF eyepieces
(2) synthetic rubber eyecups
Small screwdriver for eyepiece security screws
Solar Warning

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