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  • A great compact grab-and-go telescope designed for entry-level and intermediate astronomy enthusiasts
  • Substantial 4.5" aperture and fast f/4 focal ratio provides bright, detailed views of solar system targets like the Moon and planets, as well as wide-field celestial objects like nebulas and star clusters
  • Ships pre-assembled so you can go from the box to your backyard in minutes
  • MAX Kit includes two 4-element 1.25" telescope eyepieces (20mm and 10mm), EZ Finder II reflex sight for easy aiming, eyepiece rack, Star Target Planisphere, Barlow Lens, Observer's Guide, and RedBeam flashlight
  • Weighs just 10.9 lbs fully assembled, and stands 21" tall when aimed at the zenith

Here is a fun and compact telescope that's sure to inspire the whole family's natural inclination to explore. The Orion StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope will impress you and your family with its high-quality construction, hassle-free operation, and space-penetrating optical performance.

A perfect telescope for beginning amateur astronomers, the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector is manufactured with the kind of quality you'd expect only to find in much more expensive models. Beginning amateur astronomers will enjoy hour after hour of fun under the stars. In fact, the optics of the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector telescope are so good that it's also a very popular choice for more experienced amateur astronomers wanting a "grab-and-go" alternative to larger, bulkier mounted models that require more setup time and maintenance.

With its big 4.5" aperture parabolic primary mirror, the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope will wow the whole family with gorgeous wide-field views of the night sky. Fascinating craters and mountains on the Moon pop out in crisp detail. The planetary giant Jupiter with its orbiting moons and Saturn with its stunning rings will have you gazing in awe. And from a dark sky you will study intriguing views of bright galaxies, distant cloudy nebulas, and sparkling star clusters.

Set the compact StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector telescope on the ground, on a table in the back yard, or even on the hood of your car in the backcountry, and comfortably view the heavens to your heart's content. Thanks to its modest stature, the StarBlast makes a great "take it with" telescope for road trip adventures, camp-outs, and just hitting the local park.

The StarBlast 4.5 Astro includes a thorough set of accessories. Check out all of the bonus accessories included with the Max Kit.

Cut the Moon's glare to see more detail on its surface with the Orion E-Series Moon Filter.

The Orion E-Series 1.25" 13% Transmission Moon Filter reduces glare and boosts contrast so you can see enjoy more detailed views of lunar surface features. It blocks excessively bright glare to provide a more comfortable view of the Moon's surface, the neutral density filter will not alter the natural color of the Moon and the eyepiece filter transmits only 13% of the incoming light, improving contrast and detail.

Explore the Moon and identify its craters, spacecraft landing sites, and more with your telescope!

With locations and names of over 260 features on the Moon such as craters, mountains, valleys, and "seas", the Orion MoonMap 260 is a wonderful tool for all amateur astronomers. Keep it handy while you look through the telescope to help identify lunar features as you observe them. "Wow, that bright crater is named Tycho!"

The Orion Star Target planisphere is a useful star chart wheel for any day of the year.

This circular star map lets you dial-in the month and day you're observing the sky, so you can see exactly which constellations and stars will be visible if skies are clear. Using the Orion Star Target is a great way for starters to plan their first stargazing sessions with the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope, since you'll know just where to point the telescope!

Double the power of any 1.25" telescope eyepiece with the Orion Shorty Barlow Lens.

Doublet lens system is multi-coated for excellent transmission and the internal housing is baffled to eliminate unwanted reflections and increase contrast. Threaded for use with 1.25" Orion telescope eyepiece filters.

Detailed Observer's Guide highlights over 60 celestial objects to observe in a small telescope.

Packed with helpful hints and tips for exploring star clusters, multiple stars, nebulas, and even the Andromeda Galaxy. Useful resources for each object include a map, finder scope view, depiction of what you can expect to see in your telescope eyepiece, and more. A thorough guide to the night sky for stargazers of all skill levels from beginners to more experienced amateur astronomers. Softbound, 174 pages

Use the RedBeam Mini LED flashlight to see in the dark without disrupting dark-adapted vision.

You don't need a big flashlight to read star maps or see inside your accessory case at night. The included 2.5"-long Orion RedBeam Mini Flashlight does the job perfectly, emitting night-vision friendly red LED light. Red light won't disrupt your eyes' dark-adapted vision, so this flashlight lets you check charts and accessories while keeping your eyes primed for viewing celestial gems through the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope. Includes batteries and a handy key-ring.

Get the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope MAX Kit today and discover how much fun astronomy can be for the whole family. You'll all have a blast!


Limited Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for one year from date of purchase. This warranty is for the benefit of the original retail purchaser only. For complete warranty details contact Orion at 800-447-1001.


Please note this product was not designed or intended by the manufacturer for use by a child 12 years of age or younger.

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  • Best for viewing: Brighter deep sky
  • Best for imaging: Lunar & planetary
  • User level: Beginner
  • Optical design: Reflector
  • Optical diameter: 114mm
  • Focal length: 450mm
  • Focal ratio: f/4.0
  • Optics type: Parabolic
  • Glass material: Soda-lime plate
  • Eyepieces: Bertele 20.0mm,10.0mm (1.25")
  • Magnification with included eyepieces: 23x, 45x
  • Resolving power: 1.02arc*sec
  • Lowest useful magnification: 16x
  • Highest useful magnification: 228x
  • Highest theoretical magnification: 228x
  • Limiting stellar magnitude: 12.9
  • Optical quality: Diffraction limited
  • Finder scope: EZ Finder II
  • Focuser: 1.25" Rack-and-pinion
  • Secondary mirror obstruction: 34mm
  • Secondary mirror obstruction by diameter: 30%
  • Secondary mirror obstruction by area: 9%
  • Mirror coatings/over-coatings: Aluminum & Silicon Dioxide
  • Mount type: Dobsonian
  • Astro-imaging capability" Simple moon shots
  • Computerized compatibility: Not compatible
  • Bearing material: PTFE and UHMW bearings
  • Tube material: Steel
  • Tripod material: Wood
  • Length of optical tube: 18.0 in.
  • Weight, optical tube: 4.0 lbs.
  • Weight, mount/tripod: 9.0 lbs.
  • Weight, fully assembled: 13.0 lbs.
  • Additional included accessories: 2x Shorty Barlow, Star Target Planisphere, Telescope Observer's Guide
  • Other features: Integrated carrying handle


StarBlast 4.5 optical tube
EZ Finder reflex sight
20mm 4-element eyepiece, 1.25"
10mm 4-element eyepiece, 1.25"
Shorty 2x Barlow
Orion E-Series Moon Filter
Base (assembled)
Tube clamp
Eyepiece rack
Dust cap
MoonMap 260
StarTarget Planisphere
Telescope Observer's Guide
RedBeam Mini LED flashlight

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