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Astrel AST183-X-M-FW 20.48MP Monochrome Cooled CCD Telescope Camera +Filter Wheel & Vacuum Chamber

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The AST183-X product line is based on the 20.48-megapixels monochrome Sony IMX183CLK-J CMOS Sensor and is equipped with integrated 7 position Filter-Wheel

The AST183-X Product Features 

  • New concept low-vacuum CMOS sensor chamber that guarantees no-frost with -35°C DeltaT at only 2.2A of power consumption
  • Powerful 1GHz microprocessor for stand alone wire-free operation (no PC is needed)
  • 2.4 um pixel size
  • PC like use with Operating System, Graphic Desktop, Web access, applications that can be created, installed and removed
  • Integrated WiFi connection to PC / Tablet / Smartphone
  • 8 GB (expandable up to 32 GB) internal storage plus external USB thumb drive or hard-disk
  • 2 High Speed USB ports 

      SmartCamera Approach

      ​The Astrel Instruments cameras are powered by a 1000MHz Processor with 1Gb of memory and up to 32Gb of on-board storage.

      The camera can autonomously autoguide with many commercial USB autoguider cameras and use planetarium applications to control the mount operations (alignment, goto, etc) on most commercial mounts. Many other commercial devices like motorized focusers, external filter wheels, can also be directly connected and managed autonomously by the camera.

      The Wireless mode lets the user communicate with the camera through a WiFi connection established between his Tablet / Smartphone (or of course a PC) and the camera. The connection uses remote desktop technology to send the camera display to the connected devices.

        Integrated Filter Wheel

        AST8300X Integrated Filterwheel

        The AST183-X-M-FW includes an integrated 7 position filter wheel using 1.25" unmounted filters.​

        The AST183-X-M-FW-7F model consists on a complete kit with the filter wheel fully equipped with LRGB + Ha + OIII +SII filter set already mounted.

        Astrel cameras with integrated filter-wheel can be fit with filters directly during camera assembly.  We can directly buy and mount the filters selected by the customer.

        Cooling and Vacuum Chamber

        The sensor and the cooling chain are contained in a vacuum proof chamber: using the included vacuum pump connected to the valve on the rear of the camera body, in less than a minute the air can be pumped-out. This has 2 fundamental effects: it eliminates the possibility of frost forming inside the chamber and minimizes the convention up and down heat transfer inside the chamber, optimizing the heat removal via the cold finger and avoiding cooling of the optical window that could lead to fogging.​

        The base package includes

        • AST183-X-M-FW camera body with WiFi antenna
        • Vacuum pump with incorporated pressure gauge, tube and joint
        • Battery power cable: power cable extension with car lighter plug

        Go to Support pages to read the Q&A, download Documentation and watch Video Tutorials



        Filters Astronomik Integrated filter wheel

        Select up to 7 filters for the integrated filter wheel


        Power Supply
        AC-DC wall socket 12V 3A Power Supply


        Power Supply
        Protect your instruments with its specific suitcase plug

        Sensor Specifications

        CMOS .......... Sony IMX183CLK-J (mono)- IMX183CQJ-J (color)
        Pixel Array ... 5496 (H) × 3710 (V) pixels
        Pixel Size .... 2.4 µm
        CMOS Size ..... 13.2x8.8 mm, 15.86 mm diagonal
        Total Pixels .. ​20 Million
        Full Well ..... ~15000 e-
        Dark Current .. 0.002 e-/pixel/sec at -20°C

        Camera Characteristics

        Shutter ....... Digital or Mechanical
        Filter wheel... Integrated,7 1.25" unmounted filters + shutter
        Camera Size ... 124x124mm, 45mm body, 90mm with heat sink
        Mounting ...... M42 T-thread
        Weight ........ 850g (w/ integrated filter-wheel)
        Backfocus ..... 25 mm (including integrated filter-wheel)
        Interfaces .... wiFi, USB 2.0 Host HS x2

        Camera Performance

        A/D Converter . 12 bit
        Gain .......... variable from 0 to 27 dB
        Total Noise ... 3.1e- at gain 0, 1.5 e- at max gain (tbc)
        Binning Modes . up to 10x10
        Readout Speed . 0.5 sec per frame (bin 1)
        Max Cooling ... -35 °C ±0.1°C regulated (tbc)
        Power ......... 12VDC @ 2.2 A max (100% Peltier) (tbc)

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